Politics & News: 

"National teachers union president fights back against the influence of privatizers, for-profit school PACs in local school board races" | Texas AFT | April 2021

"Socorro AFT Advocacy Wins Pay Raise for District Employees" | Texas AFT | April 2021

"Socorro AFT Members Take Action In Support of Upcoming Elections" | Texas AFT | April 2021

"'Riley's Rule' Seeks to Let Students with Serious Illness Advance Their Education" | Texas AFT | March 2021 

OPINION: "State prioritizing STAAR over safety" | San Antonio Express-News | February 2021

"Judson AFT Members Secure More Reliable District-Wide COVID-19 Testing" | Texas AFT | February 2021

"Houston Unions Won Consultation. Here's Why It Matters." | Texas AFT | January 2021

Houston ISD: Your New Leave Policy Will Hurt Students and Teachers” | Texas AFT | December 2020


Prioritizing Educators for COVID-19 Vaccine: Letter to Texas DSHS” | Texas AFT | December 2020


AMP Members Secure Safety Meetings with Districts” | Texas AFT | December 2020

Member Victory: Endorsed Candidates Sweep the Brownsville School Board” | Texas AFT | November 2020


Long-Form Interviews:

"Local Leader Spotlight: Sylvia Tanguma, President of McAllen AFT" | Texas AFT | April 2021

"Local Leader Spotlight: Nancy Vera, President of Corpus Christi AFT" | Texas AFT | April 2021

"Local Leader Spotlight: Rena Honea, President of Alliance-AFT Dallas" | Texas AFT | March 2021

"Local Leader Spotlight: Alejandra Lopez, President of San Antonio Alliance" | Texas AFT | February 2021

"Local Leader Spotlight: Veronica Hernandez, President of Socorro AFT" | Texas AFT | January 2021

"Local Leader Spotlight: Shonda Below, President of Northeast Houston AFT" | Texas AFT | January 2021

"Local Leader Spotlight: Nikki Cowart, President of Cy-Fair AFT" | Texas AFT | December 2020

Cultural Theory & Photography Thesis: 

"Cameras as Weapons of Resistance: Refugees Disrupting the Colonial Narrative Through Photography" | Columbia College Chicago Digital Commons | May 2017

Nonfiction Essays:

"The Coffee in Your Cup" | Operation Groundswell | July 2016


Communications & Radio: Interviews, Content & Audio Production:

Covering Iceland Airwaves 2015: International Music Festivals | Chicago NPR: WBEZ 91.5 | October - December 2015