Relentless is a collaborative project between Shannon Elder (writer & visual editor) and Mariah Howard (photographer) that delves into the lives of eight young women who have been resettled in Austin, Texas. Through photography and intimate interviews, this multi-part photo essay seeks to defy cultural norms of assimilation in the US by expanding what it means to migrate while protecting personal identity.

Assimilation is often the go-to narrative around immigration in the United States, considering how people must fit (and often grapple to fit) into cultural norms. However, this project seeks to counter that narrative by centering the conversation on what these young women refuse to lose from their own culture in the face of assimilation and how that brings them both power and struggle. 

This project is supported by funding from the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life, made possible by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. Upon completion in December 2021, the work will be part of a multimedia digital exhibit and placed in the archives.